Okinawa White Dental Clinic

The Director of the Okinawa White Dental Clinic

I am Tomoyuki Kaneko, Director of the Okinawa White Dental Clinic.

I studied at Osaka University for six years and at the University of Pennsylvania in the U.S. for six years.

Visiting a dental clinic for a periodic check-up and brushing advice is the best early care to keep your teeth healthy throughout your lifetime and to keep treated teeth in good condition both esthetically and functionally for many years.

With the opening of this new clinic in Chatan, I am determined to help local residents throughout their lifetime as a primary care dentist by capitalizing on the skills and knowledge I acquired overseas to provide safe and comfortable care that residents can rely on.

Director:Tomoyuki Kaneko

Clinic Director Tomoyuki KANEKO'S resume

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Kaneko served as a lecturer at the university for many years.
He actively participates in dental conferences to furnish the latest techniques and knowledge from around the world and he uses those techniques and that knowledge in his clinical practice.

The Clinic Director’s resume
March 1998 Graduated from Meikai University School of Dentistry
March 2002 Obtained a Doctorate of Dentistry from Osaka University and graduated from Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry
April 2002 Staff member in the Department of Conservative Dentistry, Osaka University Dental Hospital
April 2004 Advisor in preventive dentistry at the Mori Dental Clinic in Takeya-machi
April 2005 Visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania
January 2007 Lecturer and Deputy Director of the International Perio-implant Program at the University of Pennsylvania
May 2012 Part-time dentist at the Sasao Dental Clinic
Doctor of Dentistry, Osaka University
Diplomate of the American Dental Implant Association
Clinical investigator at the University of Pennsylvania, 2009
Conservative dentistry and dental implants
Association membership
American Dental Implant Association